Boland 5 Tour de Boland – Day 5 The Final Stage

IMG-20150306-WA0007 IMG-20150306-WA0008


So onto the final stage from where we left off Stage 4 in Riebeeck Kasteel to where we started Stage 1 in Paarl. The pressure of being driver, bottle filler, ice fetcher and masseuse had got to Carlos and he roped in the services of my dad Jorge (who had met us at the finish of Stage 4) to assist. The Stage started with a prayer, led by me. The team headed out at a speedy pace as we looked forward to welcoming our families and friends waiting for us in Paarl or later in Cape Town. We kept up a good pace until we decided that we could not break tradition and not use our service vehicle for a refreshing drink – so we stopped twice. From a distance we could see the Taal Monument and braced ourselves for the much feared 3km climb to the top – at parts, a heart thumping 12% gradient.  In the end, we all made it, no need for walking shoes and celebrated with good friends and family who had arrived at the finish line to greet and celebrate with us.  A couple of bottles of champagne was the perfect ending to a perfect week.

It is done and dusted!  Our team has completed this gruelling challenge today and we couldn’t be more prouder of them.  To welcome them home was their supporting staff of family and friends.

You deserve to put your feet up and relax with a beer or three in your hands.