We deliver a fully integrated HR/IR support structure tailored to our Client’s requirements.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobilization
  • Performance management
  • Disciplinary interventions
  • CCMA referrals
  • Strike handling
  • Demobilization

Our selection, employment and termination procedures are guided by the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions Of Employment Act, relevant Sectoral Agreement and Company Policy and Procedure.


Whether you require one man on contract or an integrated workforce under supervision, you can rely on our extensive resources to meet your needs.

  • We have an extensive database managed on a modern computer linked network that covers practically every occupation likely to be required by the construction and maintenance industries
  • VIP Payroll System
  • We are equipped at our premises with the facilities to do specific interviewing and testing on categories such as: Boilermaking, Pipe Fitting, Grinding, Rigging and Welding
  • Skilled and experienced HR/IR, Payroll, Recruitment and Testing Personnel

B-BBEE Status

  • We have been evaluated in terms of section 9 (1) of the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment ACT 53 of 2003
  • Our audit has been conducted with a SANAS accredited verification agency scoring an overall 110% recognition qualifying us as a Level Three Contributor
  • We support Enterprise Development and Social Economic Development as part of our empowerment journey to uplift the South African Society and to support project targeted towards education, HIV/AIDS, projects for disabled and other community building initiatives

Health and safety policy

  • Our achievements include no disabling incidents during the past review period as well as commendable systems and procedures
  • We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, undertaking to safeguard them, as far as possible, from injury and/or ill health arising from the operations associated with the business. Employees will be advised and assisted by their managers and/or supervisors to ensure that all problems relating to health and safety are not only addressed but also brought to the attention of the employer
  • Sizwe seek to ensure that safety, health and environmental risk are minimized throughout the organization with continuous improvement on our safety performance
  • Through information, instructions and supervision establish the responsibility from the lowest level
  • Ensure the necessary control measure that every person under his or her control
  • Ensure full compliance to our SHE system amongst our employees
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining an effective SHE system
  • We will report in writing to our client every accident on your premises involving any of our workers within 12 (twelve) hours of its occurrence whether such accident be in respect of damage of any nature whatsoever as to items of property or to person
  • Our achievements include no disabling incidents during the past review period as well as commendable systems and procedures

Enviromental Policy

Sizwe will always strive to minimize negative impact of our operations and projects on nature. We will continually improve environmental health and safety performance through the active participation of our personnel within the fulfilment of our tasks.

The protection of the environment is more than a company policy, it is a moral commitment. In protecting the environment we are not only looking at the needs of the present, but also the future generations who will be in need of quality air, water and soil. In order to be successful Sizwe will minimize the consumption of water, raw material, energy and all resources.

We will support the research on environmental protection and prevent pollution by adopting the best affordable technology. Our activities are audited on a regular basis to maintain conformance to the accepted international standards

Documentaion Index

  • Letter of Good Standing Compensation Commissioner
  • VAT Registration
  • Tax Clearance
  • B-BBEE Certificate
  • SEIFSA Certification
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Company Registration Documents